Anta x NASA SEEED 2020 漫游者 Men's Running Shoes “Silver VW” Colorways


The exploration of cosmic space is an eternal pursuit, a pioneer in exploring the unknown world. Rover heritage and innovation go hand in hand. The color-matched TPU bionic fixed belt design and upgraded functional sense will explore new sources of fire in the universe.This is the Anta nasa joint, “漫游者” series.

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Style Code & Color: 91945506-9 Silver
Material: Textile + Synthetic leather + TPU
Sole: Rubber + TPU
Feature: Cushioning, Protection, Wear-resistant, Non-slip, Responsive, Grip, Support and Package
Release Date: 2020 Spring
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic
1. High-strength airbags relieve shock.
2. Full palm rubber outsole creates a smooth and smooth walking experience.
3. The sole of the shoe breaks the routine, rendering a large area of ​​color to echo the shoe body.
4. NASA's joint upgrade, shoes with innovative airbag straps, restore the inspiration for spacesuit design.
5. High-elastic shoe mouth is used in combination with windproof mesh to upgrade the sense of performance.

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