Anta x NASA SEED 2020 “擎天柱” The Power To Explore Men's Running Shoes


"That's one small step for a man,one giant leap for mankind." The inspiration for this pair of shoes is the human cosmic roaming plan. The highlight is the mid-waist bionic webbing, which improves the wrap of the shoes in sports. This pair is the "擎天柱" color scheme.

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Style Code & Color: 912015550-8 Silver/Red/Blue
Material: Textile + Synthetic leather + PP film
Sole: Rubber + TPU
Feature: Cushioning, Protection, Wear-resistant, Non-slip, Responsive, Grip, Support and Package
Release Date: 2020 Spring
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic
1. Double layer transparent mesh upper.
2.Using anta new A-LINK tech with great cushioning.
3.Pull ring design.
4. Large area silvery with NASA marked Red and blue color.
5. Middle waist bionic webbing, improve feet package.

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