Anta x Gordon Hayward

Anta x Gordon Hayward " Hoosier " Summer Men's T-shirts - PRO

Anta x Gordon Hayward " Dunk " Summer Men's T-shirts - PRO

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HOOSIER, Indiana's unified nickname. Individuality is tough, shy, and strong. It is their label that Hayward, as the Alliance's new era HOOSIER, suffered a broken leg in an aerial relay on October 18, 2017. By December 24, 18, a HOOSIER who completed the aerial relay at the same position announced the return.
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Material: Cotton + Spandex
Style Code & Color: 95839101R-5 White/Green
Release Date: 2019 Summer
Condition: 100% Authentic and Brand New
1. Soft and comfortable fabric.
2. The Gordon Hayward logo is printed.
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