Anta NASA 2020 黑洞 “To Seed To Reap” Running Shoes - Black/Red


The end of human exploration of the universe is no end. The boundary of the matter around the black hole is called marginal line. It draws a curved boundary line in space and time. Observers outside the marginal line cannot use any physical method to obtain any event information within the marginal line.

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Series: Casual
Style Code & Color: 91915508G-5 Black/Red
Material: Textile
Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
Tech: TPU
Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Package, Support
Release Date: 2019 Spring
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New
1. High-strength airbags relieve shock.
2.BASF rubber + stable TPU structure
3. Integrated neckline design.
4.A-WEB breathing network.

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